About Us

Dragonwoods & Princing Associates is a small family of Artisans living in Michigan.

Talents range from  Masterful Wood Working, Quality Sewing and Quilting to Jewelry Design and Creation.

The Marquetry Boxes are Masterfully Crafted, each design painstakingly cut and assembled buy hand, NOT a CAD machine. Some designs having over 200 pieces to complete a Beautiful Mosaic that you simply can't believe.  Our Master Carpenter has been creating with wood for over 40 years, from Commercial Construction in his youth to Finish Carpentry to Custom Furnishings.  Quality and function a standard unmatched by most.  Marquetry has always been something he's done to show his artistic side of creating with wood and the quality of craftsmanship certainly does show.

The Weeping Cord Bags started as a way to carry supplies for our seamstress's current projects; however, they have become much more.  Now these bags have become a must have as a daily Hand Bag or Tote for so many folks.  Each Bag is hand made and the confetti spots you see are unpredictable which makes each bag unique and a complete joy.  Our seamstress has been sewing for over 30 years and is dedicated to quality and functionality.

Jewelry creation starts with seeing something and wondering “How can we do that in beads or chainmaille?” Sometimes its a scribble on a piece of paper or the colors on a common garden snake, a ripple of water, a garden flower. Anything your eye can see can become a start to a wonderful piece of jewelry!

We'd like to thank you for visiting our pages and the customers who've provided us with encouraging words and kind emails thus far.